Elbow Tendonitis Surgery, When Is It Required?

Tennis elbow pain can happen to people who are not tennis players only. The term, along with golfer’s elbow, actually refers to tendonitis of the elbow. This painful condition may benefit from elbow tendonitis surgery. Make tennis elbow surgery your last resort, however. Surgery is invasive, expensive and requires downtime to recover. Use these tips to decide when to have surgery for elbow tendonitis and what you can try first.

Elbow Tendonitis Surgery Considerations

Before considering surgery for tennis elbow, make sure you have:

Correct diagnosis:

Before having any surgery, proper diagnosis is key. There are many conditions with similar symptoms of elbow tendonitis (also known as lateral epicondylitis). Symptoms include weak grip strength and elbow/forearm pain. Certain conditions mimic elbow tendonitis, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and radial tunnel syndrome (RTS). RTS is radial nerve compression--sometimes called severe tennis elbow.

Conservative options:

Give non-invasive and conservative tennis elbow treatments time to work before thinking about irreversible elbow tendonitis surgery. Some simple and effective tennis elbow remedies include:

  • R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).
  • Pain relieving cream: Simien pain relief cream offers long-lasting relief from tennis elbow pain.
  • Compression sleeves: High-quality compression sleeves, like Simien tennis elbow sleeves, support your arm muscles and elbow joint. These compression sleeves are designed for sports enthusiasts and athletes, with special fabric that resists odor and wicks away moisture.
  • Elbow braces: Use proper arm support with the Simien tennis elbow brace. The brace stabilizes the elbow to help prevent injury. Play longer with less muscle or tendon strain.
  • Exercises and/or physical therapy: The Simien flexible rubber twist bar is perfect for exercises that strengthen arm muscles to prevent or relieve tennis elbow pain. Exercises help with rehab after injury, too.
  • And more

Good habits for prevention:

  • Lift right. Pick up objects correctly, without placing undue stress on one arm or elbow. Use proper technique when playing golf or tennis, to avoid future tennis elbow injury. Take professional lessons if necessary.
  • Don’t overdo it. Know when to stop playing (or working using repetitive movements). Protect your limbs from accidents or overuse injuries.
  • Eat right. Maintain good overall health to avoid health problems like tennis elbow and elbow tendonitis surgery.

Tailored treatment:

Deciding when tennis elbow surgery is appropriate requires consideration of your overall health. Other variables (unique to you) also come into play. Elbow tendonitis surgery may be indicated if:

  • Elbow tendonitis symptoms significantly interfere with your life. AND...
  • More conservative treatments, like exercise and the support devices mentioned above, have not worked when given time. Each tennis player (or another individual) with tennis elbow pain must decide about having surgery, with physicians’ advice.

Trusted, expert advice:

Seek medical advice from qualified, board-certified physicians and experienced orthopedic specialists before having surgery and get a second opinion before proceeding with any non-emergency procedure like golfer elbow surgery. Most orthopedic specialists recommend elbow tendonitis surgery as a last resort, after trying tennis elbow supports. Tennis elbow compression pad braces and a specific seven step exercise technique aids can also help with recovery, and to prevent re-injury, after tennis elbow surgery.

Elbow Tendonitis Surgery: Statistics are on Your Side

According to many experts, only five percent of tennis elbow patients ever require elbow tendonitis surgery. As a result, the vast majority respond to conservative tennis and golfer elbow treatments. You may use treatment and prevention methods in combination to relieve pain and help prevent future tennis elbow injuries.

Now is the time to get started. With proper support, you can go about life pain-free. Use the Simien tennis elbow supports to relieve pain and avoid (or recover from) elbow tendonitis surgery.



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Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-count)

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-count)

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Good quality product and it works

Held off reviewing until I had a chance to see if it would make a difference. Happy to say, it does! After wearing the elbow brace for a few days, I noticed a decrease in pain n discomfort. Here's hoping it continues in the long run.