How Long Does Tennis Elbow Recovery Take?

Tennis elbow is a common injury that is caused by constantly repeating the same motion over and over. It can also be caused by overusing the elbow joint without allowing it to rest. Many people ask, “Is full tennis elbow recovery obtainable?" The answer is yes, but it takes time. It also takes a dedicated effort to keep your joints healthy and strong.  The second most common question is "how long does tennis elbow take to heal". The best way to accomplish tennis elbow recovery is to offer rest and be mindful of what you're doing. If it causes pain, stop.

How To Cure Tennis Elbow Fast

There is no "best way to treat tennis elbow fast". Tendons and ligaments take longer to heal than muscle. Because of their structure, they don't receive as much oxygen as other tissues. This is because there are fewer blood vessels within the tissue. The best ways to treat any joint injury that involves the tendons and ligaments are detailed exercises done in a specific order, rest and support. The symptoms of tennis elbow include pain, inflammation, and stiffness. With proper treatment, you will begin to notice an improvement in approximately 1-3 weeks, depending on your level of activity. Most people can expect the injury to be completely healed in 6-8 weeks.


R.I.C.E. Is the best way to treat tennis elbow. R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Resting and icing the joint reduces inflammation and allows the tissues to start to heal. Compression helps to keep inflammation to a minimum. Elevation also prevents fluid from building up around the injured joint. By following the four-step routine throughout the day combined with appropriate stretches, the injury will gradually become less painful. The best way to treat tennis elbow is with patience and time, combined with a treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use many different exercises to strengthen and tone the muscles that work the elbow. Regular exercise and stretching the joints will increase blood flow to the area. They understand the best way to treat tennis elbow is with rest and controlled movements. As the muscles become stronger, they provide more support for the tendons and ligaments. Strengthening the entire structure reduces the risk of future injury. It also allows the current injury to heal much faster. Physical therapy is the best way to treat tennis elbow and maintain flexibility.

Braces and Wraps

As tennis elbow starts to heal, it's imperative that the joint be supported. Using a brace or wraps for compression provides the additional support the joint needs. Using a brace or wrap holds the tendons and ligaments in place so they don't stretch. Wrapping can also prevent you from overextending the joint. Wearing a brace will keep re-aggravation to a minimum. This allows you to continue to work without stressing the joint. One of the short term ways to treat tennis elbow and reach full tennis elbow recovery and other forms of tendonitis is the correct combination of stretches, exercises, R.I.C.E. and rest. Injuries involving the tendons take time to heal. When an injury occurs, limit the amount of movement for the first few days. Allow the elbow to rest and use ice occasionally to minimize swelling. If you're looking for the best way to treat tennis elbow, allow the joint to rest and don't overdo it. If the injury doesn't heal, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

How To Get Pain Relief

Short Term Relief

Your doctor will usually recommend a tennis elbow brace or a support strap with a specialized compression gel pad to alleviate the pain immediately. The biggest advantage of a compression gel pad brace is that you can continue to perform the repetitive activity that caused the pain in the first place. It's highly recommended that the braces or straps come off during periods of rest and sleep to give your skin and muscles a break. If you get a pair of braces (or a 2-Count brace), you can keep one set at home and another in your bag or purse. You will feel comfortable knowing you can get relief on demand if you have a sudden onset of tennis elbow pain.

Long Term Permanent Relief

When performed properly, a series of specific stretches and exercises, performed in the order, sets, repetitions and detailed technique is the best tennis elbow solution. Along with support from a trained medical professional to address any specific issues you may have that may not be typical. And a support group of fellow sufferers who have eliminated their pain permanently. Additionally, most people don't know that most tennis and golfer's elbow pain originates upstream, specifically the shoulder and neck areas. If you experience shoulder and neck issues, you will need a solution that combines exercises, stretches and an "upstream release method". Irritation, tightness and impingements in shoulder(s) and neck (usually due to nerve irritation) can propagate down through the arms, elbow (!!), wrist, hands and fingers. This is usually the root cause of most people's tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. Braces provide the fastest short-term pain relief. But to experience permanent and long-term relief, we recommend a specific set of exercises, stretches and an upstream release method.
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