Importance of Rest for Tennis Elbow Recovery

Have you ever gone to the doctor with an injury or an ailment, and the treatment guidance they provide is rest?  It can be frustrating, right?  You want answers and a treatment that you can act upon, but your solution is just to rest, and everything will be fine.  Believe it or not, rest is a treatment that entirely can work, especially when talking tennis elbow recovery.

The Typical Cause of Tennis Elbow

Did you know that the typical cause of tennis elbow is merely overused?  Tennis elbow is a diagnosis, a condition from overuse of the arm in any circumstance.  It could be from playing tennis or golf, swinging a racket or club over and over again on a regular basis.  It may even be from manual labor where you are using your won repetitively in the same type of motion, putting force against it and its muscles.  When you use the arm too much, you may end up needing tennis elbow recovery. What happens to cause tennis elbow?  It includes stretching of the tendons from the elbow down through the forearm.  When you use your arm, you are placing force on those tendons.  The more you use the arm, the more pulling that you are doing on the tendons.  When they stretch, they can begin to spark inflammation in and around them, as well as on the muscles.  It can get so bad that the tendons eventually tear.

Rest as a Treatment & Tennis Elbow Recovery

Rest can be an ideal treatment for tennis elbow recovery as it will allow the tendons to get back to normal.  Resting the tendons will let them heal themselves over an extended period.  There are things that you can do to assist in this.  You may wear one of the braces we sell at  Compression sleeves may also assist in the recovery.  Creams may also be able to allow for faster healing of the tendons and muscles. You can do all of the tennis elbow recoveries, treatment in the world, but if you do not rest the tendons, they are unlikely to make a full recovery.  If you are treating tennis elbow at night, but still using it during the day, how do you expect it to get better?  All that will likely happen is the condition will maintain, not worsen.

Rest for Recovery, Then Prevent

You need to rest as a tennis elbow recovery mechanism.  Once the rest is complete and you recover, then you can prevent it from coming back.  Prevention assistance is possible with our products at  We have braces, supports, compression sleeves, everything needed for a full tennis elbow recovery. Tennis elbow recovery is going to require patience.  Rest is a perfectly fine treatment and should couple with physical therapy and home exercises.  Healing the tendons is the first step, and once you accomplish that, you can work to prevent it from coming back.  Work on your tennis elbow recovery by allowing healing to happen naturally, and complement that with braces, compression sleeves, and the other assistive devices we have available every day!


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Seem to work well. Haven’t worn enough to really know

Good price for product.

Elbow brace seems to work well. I’ve had one for awhile and I like that the Velcro is still working. Good product for the price.

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Didn’t work.

Tennis Elbow Brace is amazing

Tennis Elbow Brace is amazing, great support for my elbow, I highly recommend , also the customer service is incredible. I am very pleased and happy with my purchase, could not be happier! Thank you very much😃

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve with Dual Gel Pads