Is Physical Therapy Effective for Treating Tennis Elbow?

Does Physical Therapy Work For Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is something that hundreds of thousands of people get a diagnosis for.  The medical condition can be quite painful and also prolong over an extended period.  Treatments for tennis elbow are widespread, but one of the standard methods is physical therapy.  Is physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow effective?  When coupled with some of the quality braces and other products at, it indeed can be!  Let’s take a closer look.

Defining Tennis Elbow as a Condition

What exactly is tennis elbow?  Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis when tendons swell up.  With tennis elbow, what you are usually going to find is a pain in the elbow, as well as the forearm.  There are bands of tendons in that area of the body, and when they too much use, they become stretched. The stretching of the tendons is what creates the pain.  The name tennis elbow comes from the fact that it is a common condition for those playing the sport, due to the excessive swinging of the racket with force time and time again.  Physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow can ease the associated pain. The most common ages affected by tennis elbow include those that are over the age of 40.  It can also hit those younger, though, just less frequently.  Even if you have never played tennis, you may still suffer from tennis elbow.  Golf elbow is another common name for the issue as well.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow really does work!  When you go to physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow, chances are you will have a slate of exercises lined up for you.  A lot of times, the arm muscles need to be strengthened and also made more flexible.  When you do this, you can ease the pressure on the tendons that will help for the arm to eliminate the pain. A physical therapist will focus on flexibility and strength.  A physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow exercise regimen will likely be something you do routinely with the therapist, based on the severity of the condition. Physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow works quite well as long as you stick with it.  It is the repeated attendance, clinging to the planned exercises, that will allow physical therapy to help.

Working on Your Own

You can also do a lot of good on your own in-between the physical therapy sessions.  Learn about the exercises so you can do them at home.  You can also purchase braces and other devices that can help you with stretching, maintaining support of the tendons, etc.  Creams may also be of assistance to help reduce inflammation.  We have all of these products at to help you get back on the court or whatever else you are doing day to day. Tennis elbow is a condition that can be troubling to face.  It is a persistent pain that will worsen if not adequately treated.  Physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow works, but you must stick with it.  Working with our products, braces, and exercise twist bars, etc. will allow you to supplement the treatment to increase the chances of success.


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Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-count)

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