Self Diagnosis Tests for Tennis Elbow

The difficulty always exists when trying to determine whether or not you have a medical condition.  How do I know if I have tennis elbow?  Medical professionals get this question all of the time.  You may even ask your friends, family, and colleagues who have had it themselves.  Trips back and forth to see a doctor is no fun, especially when you get zero answers.  Tennis elbow can be a stubborn injury and steps to start with a self-diagnosis can prove beneficial.

A Medical View of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow has the medical name of lateral epicondylitis.  The term tennis elbow has hit a use point that it has never seen before.  The diagnosis is bestowed upon hundreds of thousands of people every year.  You can get tennis elbow from any repeated action with your forearm and elbow. The pain from tennis elbow is typically on the outside of the arm.  Right where the forearm meets the elbow, that is where you start to experience the discomfort.  We at sell braces that assist with easing this pain, but it can persist and worsen over time if not treated.  Pain is one area to answer how do I know if I have tennis elbow. The repetitive motion of the arm, constant use, stretch the tendons at the end of the elbow.  The muscle that is impacted is known as the extensor carpi radials braves or ECRB.  Tears can be experienced over time as well if it reaches a severe state.

How Do I Know If I Have Tennis Elbow

There are ways to answer the typical “how do I know if I have tennis elbow” question.  One of the most straightforward tests you can do on yourself involves just pressing on the other area of the elbow.  Press and touch on the outer side of the elbow and see what you feel.  Bend the elbow as well, search for an area where there is a bony protrusion and pushed own.  As you do this, see what you experience. Move up and down the forearm muscle, that area, pressing firmly, but not roughly.  Are you feeling any pain?  If so, the tendon may get a strain. You can also determine the question of “how do I know if I have tennis elbow” using your hand.  Bend the arm at an angle of 90 degrees, a right angle.  Keep the fingers straight so that they are in a position that is perpendicular to the floor.  See if you can grab the back of your hand, try and force the hand and wrist downward.  As you are doing this, pushing down, do you experience pain?  Is the pain there on the outer edge of the elbow when you resist the pushing?  If so, tennis elbow may be the right diagnosis. To diagnose tennis elbow, you may need a medical professional.  You can do a lot on your own, though, to run tests for tennis elbow.  A tennis elbow diagnosis can be achieved by trying out what has detailed above or seen a medical professional.  Our products can help with easing the pain and gaining relief.  An elbow strap, pain medications, all can help to give you tennis elbow support and work towards a full recovery.
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