Tennis Elbow Bands: 3 Top Options to Relieve Pain&Get Back On Game

Tennis elbow may start as a manageable pain, but it can quickly take you out of the game and keep you from working if left untreated. Tennis elbow bands are a fast, effective, and easy way to alleviate pain and keep you performing at your best. Finding the right support product (and sweet relief from pain) is all about understanding the unique effects and benefits of braces, sleeves, and straps.

How Do Tennis Elbow Bands Work?

Tennis bands work by applying pressure or compressing specific areas of the arm. This seemingly small change can succeed in providing fast relief where medication and other methods fall short:
  • alleviate pain
  • absorb soft tissue shock
  • increase circulation
  • improve grip strength
  • alleviate inflammation
  • stabilize the elbow joint
  • reduce muscle strain
  • reduce tension
  • reduce the risk of aggravating the injury
  • aid in recovery
An easy-to-use, easy-to-care-for, and incredibly effective support product, tennis braces, sleeves, and bands are ideal for just about anyone experiencing (or trying to prevent) muscle strain. What’s the difference between different types of tennis elbow bands? A tennis elbow band generally refers to a strap, brace, or sleeve, as each wraps around the arm and elbow. An elbow strap is wrapped around the forearm to apply pressure, which helps alleviate pain, reduce discomfort from inflammation, and absorb soft tissue impact that may aggravate the injury. A brace is like a therapeutic strap, helping stabilize an injury and relieve pain caused by hyperextension of the elbow. Elbow sleeves help relieve elbow pain and keep joints from becoming stiff by applying direct pressure to the outer side of the elbow and reducing tension. Many products include multiple support systems, like a sleeve + brace combination, or a brace with an adjustable strap. While these support bands won’t cure tennis elbow, they can be an important part of your treatment plan, so you can stay active while you recover and have less pain. Your doctor or physical therapist can diagnose tennis elbow, develop a recovery plan, and even help you identify the right elbow support band for your particular injury. Now that you know what you’re getting with each type of support band, here are three of the best products for fast relief, improved grip strength, and effective pain relief.

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace [Review]

The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace is a one-size-fits-all brace that delivers effective, focused pain relief in a versatile, comfortable band you can wear every time you’re active. With adjustable straps and comfortable compress gel pads, you can wear the Simien brace on either arm, adjust to size, and even wear alongside a sleeve or strap Simien braces are 65% neoprene and 35% nylon, giving them incredible durability, reducing odor from perspiration, and making it easy to clean. With two braces per pack, you can keep one in your gym bag and one at home so you’re always ready for a quick workout, match, or an extra busy day at work. Each Simien brace comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you know your brace will last no matter how often you use it. The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace has an average customer rating of 5 stars, and typically arrives in less than 3-5 days. Order the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace.

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace + Sleeve Compression Combo

The Simien Brace + Sleeve Compression Combo is designed to relieve tennis elbow pain triggered by hyperextension and repetitive stress motion like lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. Wearing a compression combo brace offers immediate relief without cramping your active lifestyle. The Simien brace provides support and relief while the compression sleeve reduces swelling and improves circulation and oxygenation of muscles while in use. The Simien Brace + Sleeve combo is product has an average of 5 stars from customers who say they can’t imagine working, training, or competing without them. Order the Simien Brace + Compression sleeve.

Simien Tennis Elbow Compression Sleeve (2-Count) [Review]

The lightweight and versatile Simien Tennis elbow compression sleeve soothes aching muscles and relieves joint pain without impeding your full range of motion. The sleeve works by applying compression across the elbow to improve circulation, stabilize joints, manage pain, and prevent or recover from tendonitis, inflammation, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow. The compression sleeve is 88% copper nylon, 12% spandex, and designed to last. Each pack includes two compression sleeves (one for the gym, one to keep at home) and a lifetime guarantee. And with an average rating of 5 stars, the Simien compression sleeve is one of the highest rated compression sleeves online. Order the Simien Tennis Elbow Compression Sleeve.

Which Band Is Best?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of wearing a tennis elbow band is that it helps manage pain without having to pay expensive medical bills or stop participating in the activities you love (or the work you rely on). Each of the three products we reviewed can keep the pain at bay and provide relief to sore muscles and tendons. Whether you play tennis, work at a computer all day, or work with your hands from dawn till dusk, these support bands are comfortable, versatile, effective, and affordable. Learn more about compression sleeves, support braces, and other tennis elbow bands. And find out how to recognize, prevent, and treat tennis elbow in our ultimate support guide.
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Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve with Dual Gel Pads