Tennis Elbow Exercises You Can Do At Home

Are you experiencing elbow pain as you have never felt before?  Do you play a lot of tennis or partake in a regular activity where your elbow and forearm are active? If so, you may have a condition known as tennis elbow.  Medically known as lateral epicondylitis, the situation is widespread.  Golfer's elbow is another common term.  Tennis elbow exercises can help, but you must recover first.

If you find yourself suffering from this type of condition, pain medications may just not cut it. 

You want to relieve pain, not temporarily, but permanently.  Tennis elbow exercises at home are a high starting point.  Start that rehab program right at home with a combination of knowledge as well as our products.

Light Weight

You want to do tennis elbow exercises with light weights.  Do nothing more than one or two pounds and increase a bit at a time.  Start with tennis elbow exercises that involve light twists of the arm, bicep curls, simple activity.  The goal with tennis elbow exercises is to strengthen the arms, the tendons.  The more the muscles are strengthened, the better off they will be.

Rest May be Best

You likely need tennis elbow exercises because you have been putting your arm through strenuous activity.  You may need to start the process of recovery with some rest time.  Take a period off to rest your fingers, your wrists, as well as forearms.  All of these muscles, the tendons that connect them, have to get some time to heal up.

You may be thinking, this isn't tennis elbow exercises?  No, it may not be, but it is the first step to proper recovery!  If it is already damaged, pushing the tendons more will hurt.

It may be tennis that is causing the issue, golf, or it could even be what you are doing for work. The soreness is real and the longer you continue to damage the tendons, the more severe the issue becomes.  It may take weeks of rest, or even months before the healing process is there.

Treating With Ice and Cold Packs

You can also do a lot of good with ice or cold packs.  Once you experience any opine at all related to tennis elbow exercises, start the treatment period.  You may have to use the ice or cold packs many times over the course of a day.  Try to keep the treatments to around 15-minutes.

One way you can avoid excessive cold on your skin is to use a cloth between the ice and your arm.  You may also find that heat can assist, from a hot tub or a bath.  Whatever is going to help to relieve the pain, go with it!


Tennis elbow exercises get support from braces.  They are necessary to assist you in the recovery process.  It is also essential to allow you to continue to do what you love.  We at have many elbow strap products, braces, alls worst of stuff that can give you support.  The goal is to let you play tennis, to get back on the court and go at it full-on.

The braces are helpful because what they do is to support you.  They are going to help you counter the force on your arm when you twist it.  Say you swing a racket hard.  Those tendons are going to stretch, causing the pain.  The elbow strap goes counter to that, so the pressure is not as much on the tendons.  The load gets spread out more so that the tendon can heal, not get any worse.


After time on the tennis court or golf course, try to keep your arm elevated.  This is not the most complicated of tennis elbow exercises, but just keeping it raised is helpful.  Swelling is going to become the most severe when all of the blood is allowed to rush down, towards where the tendon is damaged.  Reduce the pain and swelling in your wrist, forearm, with elevation

Stretch it Out

Tennis elbow exercises absolutely include stretching!  You would be amazed at how much good you can do by merely stretching before you start any exercise.  It does not even have to be tennis!  You may be doing something as simple as washing dishes in the kitchen and find that it is aggravating the tendon.  Take action to try and prepare the muscles for anything.  Stretch out the hands, the wrists, the forearms.  The more you warm-up and stretch, the more your muscles will be prepared for the exertion you will put them through.

One product we offer that can help with tennis elbow exercises is the Simien Flexible Rubber Twist Bar.  This is an easy way to treat treating your elbow pain.  You will stretch the muscles and also rebuild their strength at the same time.

Pain Medications

Complement at-home tennis elbow exercises with pain medicine.  Taking medication to help with the pain can also provide temporary relief.  Simien makes a great product we carry that is a pain relief cream.  It is an all natural product that is fast acting and helps to relieve pain with a gel form.  Long-lasting, something like this we offer can help you keep going, while not doing more damage to the tendon.  You can couple this with other, more traditional plan medication.

Seek a Doctor

You never want to treat tennis elbow entirely on your own.  Tennis elbow exercises at home are great, but you want to consult with a  doctor in the event it is more severe.  Professional guidance, assistance, will always trump exercises and treatment you can do solo.  Be sure to seek medical attention should your tennis elbow or related tennis elbow exercises cause you added pain.  The at-home therapies are excellent supplements to professional medical treatment.

The Team at wants to help you beat the condition, get back out on the court or whatever other physical activity you are trying to do.  All of our products are geared towards assisting you with the treatment of tennis elbow and tennis elbow exercises.  It goes beyond elbow braces. 

As a tennis elbow sufferer, you want that elbow pain gone.  Our products help with relieving symptoms and getting you back in action.


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