Tennis Elbow Straps: Adjustable Support for Immediate Relief

Don’t let tennis elbow keep you down. If you’ve tried a brace, sleeve, or medication but haven’t found the pain relief or improvement in grip strength you need, it may be time to consider the elbow strap. Maybe you thought an elbow strap did exactly the same thing as braces or sleeves, so when those didn’t work, you didn’t think about it as an option. But not all braces, sleeves, and bands include an elbow strap or provide the same benefits. Finding the right tennis elbow support starts with understanding how straps work to reduce pain, how they differ from standard braces and sleeves, and how to know if a strap can help. If you already know you need an elbow brace and just want to find the best one, jump down to our review of the Simien Tennis Elbow Brace with Adjustable Straps.

How Do Tennis Elbow Straps Work?

The tennis elbow strap alleviates pain while supporting faster recovery. The elbow strap compresses the upper forearm and absorbs soft tissue shock from the elbow, forearm, and wrist. Straps are able to change the angle from which your tendons work, which allows inflamed tendons to relax and recover without further discomfort. A standard elbow strap is also one of the least expensive support options. Though if you are willing to spend a bit more for something more comprehensive and longer lasting, you can find braces and sleeves that include straps in their design. Tennis elbow straps can be worn daily during activity or as recommended by a doctor. While they support faster recovery, wearing a strap won’t permanently cure tennis elbow—for that you’ll need a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Types of Tennis Elbow Straps

Elbow straps work to compress a specific area, which can provide relief to the rest of the arm. The standard brace is different from a strap in that it covers more of your muscles, which can help stabilize an injury or relieve pain. Braces with straps, like the Simien, allow for focused relief, increased stability, and greater comfort. Sleeves with straps are versatile, enabling full range of motion while providing expert relief. Not all braces and sleeves include straps, so make sure the product you purchase includes a strap. They can be tightened or loosened, depending on the severity of the injury, and adjusted to fit almost any appendage.

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace with Adjustable Straps [Review]

The Simien Tennis Elbow Brace with Adjustable Straps is a specially designed, therapeutic strap that protects muscles from hyperextension and helps reduce pain from elbow strain, elbow injuries, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. The key is finding the source of the pain and making the brace snug without being too tight. It should be snug enough to work out without the strap coming loose, yet tight enough to protect the injured area so it doesn’t cause pain. That versatility and effectiveness is where the Simien really shines. The brace + strap combination can be worn on either arm, and the gel compression pad is considerably more comfortable than the air pads found in many similar products. Adjustable loops and straps allow for tightening and loosening to fit almost any arm, and the strap can be worn alongside other support products like bands or sleeves. The Simien strap is made to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made with 65% neoprene and 35% nylon, it’s easy to care for and won’t fall apart with regular usage. Each pack comes with two straps, so you can keep one in your car and the other at home and never get stuck without one. When you buy from, you’ll also receive an extra strap for small or slender forearms.

The Benefits of Wearing an Elbow Strap

The benefits of using a tennis elbow strap—on its own or in combination with a brace or sleeve—are exciting. Straps can help soothe aching muscles so you can stay in the game. They’re comfortable enough to wear every time you work out, and they won’t come loose during even the hardest exercise. Order your Simien Tennis Elbow Brace with Adjustable Straps and learn more about how to recognize, treat, and prevent tennis elbow with our extensive support guide.
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Tennis Elbow Brace is amazing, great support for my elbow, I highly recommend , also the customer service is incredible. I am very pleased and happy with my purchase, could not be happier! Thank you very much😃

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve with Dual Gel Pads