The Best Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is caused by repetitive movements that damage tendons. Torn tissues rub against cartilage and other bony structures. This irritation results in elbow pain that limits mobility. It also makes it difficult to enjoy many activities. Gentle, consistent exercise is the best method of relieving symptoms of tennis elbow without pain medications. These tennis elbow rehab exercises strengthen arm muscles which relieve pain.

The best Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises

Finger Extensions

Place a thick rubber band around the outside of your fingers. Support the band on the thumb and small finger. Slowly spread the fingers apart while pushing against the rubber band’s resistance. Then, bring them back together. During the movement, try to keep the rubber band from falling or sliding. Work your way up to 40 repetitions.

Wrist Stretches

For these tennis elbow rehab exercises, find a comfortable and stable seated or standing position. Lift your arm straight in front of you, palm facing the floor. While holding your elbow straight, bend your hand so fingertips reach towards the ceiling. Use your other hand to gently support the fingertips of the flexed hand. Repeat these tennis elbow exercises 5 times, holding each stretch for 10 seconds. For the best results with tennis elbow rehab, work as many muscle groups as possible. Reverse the previous movement to make sure every muscle in your arm is flexible and strong. From the same seated position, lift an arm so the palm faces the floor. Then, point your fingertips toward the floor, bending from the wrist. Use the opposite hand to gently pull the fingers straight. Complete 5 repetitions of 10 seconds each.

Bicep Curls

Tennis elbow rehab exercises that focus on the upper arm muscles are especially effective at relieving the pain of tennis elbow. While holding a light hand weight, turn your palm toward the ceiling. Then, support your working arm by placing your other hand under the elbow. Bend your elbow toward the shoulder. Squeeze the arm muscles for full effectiveness. Then, slowly return to the extended position. Thirty repetitions of these tennis elbow exercises will help any tennis player improve their game and reduce pain from epicondylitis.


These tennis elbow rehab exercises are a simple way to work your muscles. Hold a tennis ball in the palm of your hand. Then squeeze it as hard as you can. Hold for as long as it is comfortable. Release and repeat. These tennis elbow rehab exercises can be repeated as often as you like.

Tricep Stretch

The triceps are often neglected in programs that focus on tennis elbow rehab exercises. These long sheets of muscle are attached to the same ligaments and bones as tendons that are inflamed by tennis elbow. Stretching them helps reduce stiffness, which makes it easier to perform certain activities. First, bend your arm over your shoulder and behind your back. Then, try to reach for a spot between the shoulder blades. Push back softly on the bent elbow with your other arm. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, while keeping your breathing gentle and steady. Those who play tennis frequently benefit from these tennis elbow rehab exercises. Elbow braces provide instant relief from the symptoms of tennis elbow. However, they do not cure the condition. Strengthening these muscles makes it possible to play longer without relying on tennis elbow support devices to reduce pain. By completing tennis elbow rehab exercises, all who are affected by lateral epicondylitis can relieve pain and avoid injury without an elbow strap. Always consult your doctor or physical therapist before starting any tennis elbow rehab exercises.
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