Have questions? Here are some of our commonly asked questions and the answers.

My forearm is small. Will the Simien Elbow Braces still fit?

Yes, the Simien Elbow Braces will include an extra small strap in every package for people with smaller forearms. We heard your feedback and we've responded.

Do your products provide a cure for tennis elbow?

We recommend you seek the advice of a medical professional first for a tennis elbow diagnosis. We do not claim to provide a cure for forearm or elbow ailments. We do offer physical products that may provide relief if applied correctly and instructions are followed.

However, our Ultimate Tennis Elbow Solution program provides you with the full resources and tools to permanently remove tennis elbow for good and it's got a no-questions-asked 120-day guarantee or your money back.

Questions for the Ultimate Tennis Elbow Solution Program

Why don't I just see my doctor or physical therapist instead? Why do I need you?

To be clear, we are not replacing or overriding your doctor's advice and recommendations. In addition, we need to make you have a diagnosis for lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylalgia (e.g. tennis elbow) from your physician.

Now to your question. The truth about the medical establishment, in general, is that you're going to be asked to do limited physical therapy work (because insurance is stingy with the number of visits) after your first doctor visit, if you're lucky.

When that doesn't actually work because you're not getting the personalized attention or number of visits you need, then you resort to anti-inflammatory pills, which harm your liver and digestion system.

You then look online and find all these gimmicks that mention "shock", "laser", "graston" and "dials". You may see relief for a week or so until you're right back to being in pain.

This is when you go back to the doctor and you're given a cortisone steroid injection. If you're lucky and it actually reduces your pain, then it will wear off in 1-2 months and you're back to the beginning, several hundreds of dollars later!

Meanwhile, everything you've done up to this point has relieved the symptoms at best but never got to the root cause of your problem.

Also, has your doctor or physical therapist ever made themselves available to you over weeks, months and years when you have a question pop up in your head? We make sure you are fully supported and you're not alone on this road.

How do I know if this will work for me?

Because this is the same program I had experimented on myself to eliminate tennis elbow pain from my life.

Afterwards I had my personally-coached clients perform the same seven step program and it's worked wonders for them.

We start off with a base exercise program but we tailor the program based on your specific activity and pain severity. That's why we have Dr. Dimon-Hardesty on staff to help you with this.

What if I have both tennis elbow and golfer's elbow?

We will take care of both of these issues as they are similar in nature. The exercises you would be doing will be personalized by Dr. Dimon-Hardesty and myself specifically for you.

Will my lifetime membership ever go away or change?

As long as I'm alive this program will be there! Based on life expectancy in the US, you should have another 45 years left.

Some of this sounds like it's too good to be true.

With our 120 Day Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Including your peace of mind, playing your favorite sport without pain, getting back to work to support your family and getting out of the funk you're in.

No one really understands how much of a downer tennis elbow is. It's kind of an "invisible thief" that slowly robs you of enjoyment in your life. Let us help you right now!

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Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-count)

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-count)

Very comfortable. Still in trial mode awaiting pain decrease/relief.

It works!

Worked as advertised and made a difference in how quick I was able to get back to training!

Good quality product and it works

Held off reviewing until I had a chance to see if it would make a difference. Happy to say, it does! After wearing the elbow brace for a few days, I noticed a decrease in pain n discomfort. Here's hoping it continues in the long run.